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Libraries aren’t just buildings full of books anymore. They offer full media centers and often serve as community centers. So when Durham County Main Library was in need of a facelift inside and out, they called on Vines Architecture to transform their space.


What started out as a simple renovation became a much grander endeavor and complete overhaul. Vines Architecture met with library leadership to hear their vision of a much more impactful project that had a true focus on being a center for literacy in the broadest sense. Mannington Commercial’s wide selection of carpet products crafted to perform and inspire helped transform and reinvigorate the space into an open and vibrant community center piece.


Vines Architecture considered flooring a key design element of their renovation project. Always wanting to pull in some interesting element that relates to the exterior in some way, Vines chose Frenemy Collection, Block to replicate the exterior façade of the building. Not only was it a cost-effective choice, but it was also neutral. Vines decided to use Magnify Collection to pull in color and give a little bit of organization to the chaos. In addition to just color, the texture of the products in conjunction with the other elements all work together to create a space that is cool and gritty, and it’s textural.


  • Antron® nylon features a unique, hollow filament shape for exceptional soil hiding and cleanability.
  • XGUARD® Stain Resistant Technology provides long-term stain resistance for our space dye products.
  • ColorSafe® Bleach Resistant Technology resists color fade-out from bleach spills for our space dye products.
  • Moisture-barrier backings are built to withstand aggressive wet cleanings.
  • Frenemy and Instrinsic carpets were specifically designed with a 3.5 TARR for use in severe environments with rigorous foot traffic situations such as public areas, lobbies and dining facilities as well as transportation service areas such as airports.

“To be able to accomplish design in a higher form while also creating an environment that’s durable in the long run is key to it being successful for the public.”

Kaitlan PhelpsSenior Interior Designer
Vines Architecture