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Northern Wonder LVT. Gleans Inspiration from Spectacular Natural Topography and Atmospheric Patterns.

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Northern Wonder was the result of a wintertime trek to experience the Northern Lights.

A dance of color, shadow and light draws us into an immersive experience, one we cannot quite pin down—but this uncertainty is the source of beauty.

The patterns in Northern Wonder attempt to capture the brilliant swells of color and intricate patterns found in skies above as well as traces of the natural environment. The organic shapes convey a beauty that is captivating and enables crisp and complex patterns in flooring design. Each LVT plank style features incredible visual variation, reducing repetition and enabling myriad patterns underfoot.

Digitally printed, the Northern Wonder LVT collection is characterized by three individual styles:

Aura, a pattern that incorporates broad brushstrokes, blends layers of muted color with occasional, unexpected flashes of vibrancy. The diagonal movement across each plank creates a sense of windswept motion.

Illusion features fine, horizontal wisps of color combined with faded regions, conveying an airy, open feeling. The gently blurred striations of lighter and deeper colors build visual interest all while remaining subdued.

Apparitionlayers shifting veils over a base of striated colors, creating a sense of depth and movement. The layered shadows produce a complex watercolor effect with a mix of crisp and faded edges.

The palette of eight colorways correspond to nature’s transitory periods of light –sunrise, sunset, and the elusive Northern Lights themselves. Fine gradations of color produce an undulating and dramatic glow that is mesmerizing.

Due to its performance capabilities, lasting endurance and ease of installation and maintenance, Northern Wonder is well suited for public spaces including education, office, retail and workplace settings as well as lobbies, hallways and hospitality areas.

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Amtico Northern Wonder Inspiration and Product Photos