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The Hocus. Inspired by Larry Bell’s study of light and reflectivity.

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Designed in Partnership with Renowned Artist Larry Bell, The Hocus Modular Carpet Collection Explores the Interplay of Surface and Dimension, Color and Light.

Bringing forth Bell’s 60-year career of exploring the interaction of light and surfaces, The Hocus collection is rich with color and dimension and creates an intriguing flooring option for a variety of commercial environments.

Bell’s Standing Walls series provided the inspiration for Hocus. The art series features large installations of glass panels revealing complex shapes of transparency, reflectivity, and color that change as the observer walks through or around them. In these works, the nature of surface and light is explored, with their curious, even magical, relationship to space and the observer’s shifting perception.

“When you have the opportunity to walk around his work, as our Mannington Design Studio team did, you immediately notice the play of depth, which makes you feel like a part of the piece. That immersive experience is what we were trying to create with Hocus,” said Roby Isaac, Mannington Commercial’s Vice President of Design.

The Hocus Collection’s three modular carpet styles include: The Observer, which is available in 24” x 24” and 18” x 36” formats, and uses layered color values to create the impression of angular shapes seen from different vantage points. The Maquette, also available in 24” x 24” and 18” x 36” formats, emphasizes right angles and straight lines to translate the areas of opacity and transparency as seen in Bell’s glass sculptures. Transference’s smaller-scale, textural pattern is available in 24” x 24” and 18” x 36” sizes. It incorporates line work to mirror the depth in cubes, a key shape in Bell’s art.

Hocus’ color palette artistically ties into the colors Bell explores in his glass sculptures. Each colorway features neutrals alongside soft, airy shades of subdued color.

“We purposely worked three colors into all the colorways to speak to the complexity of how light hits glass,” said Isaac.

Originally previewed during NeoCon 2019, the carpet collection features a special treatment of high-luster yarn unique to Mannington Commercial, which creates the effect of light within the patterns. The mix of luster levels reveals a sense of reflectivity and sheen bringing the colors to life and enhancing the sense of dimension.

“To me, Hocus means something magical and improbable,” said Bell, who noted that this was his first time working with this kind of media. “Images of things that I’ve done were played with, changed and combined with different textures and different surfaces. The collection that came from it is beautiful. The patterns, the colors, are just really amazing — and they all work extremely well together. The Hocus Collection has added another dimension to my media that I had not realized was possible.”

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