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Duality. Inspired by Lenore Tawney’s groundbreaking fiber works.

Artist Lenore Tawney is celebrated for her woven sculptures, which helped expand the world of high art to include fiber and weaving.

As a pioneering 20th-century artist, Lenore Tawney was instrumental in bringing the medium of fiber to the realm of high art. Tawney’s groundbreaking fiber works were inspired by Jacquard looms and the craft of weaving, which she treated as an avant-garde artform. Though art and craft were traditionally separated, Tawney’s large-scale, woven fiber sculptures inextricably link the two.

Our Design Studio was inspired by this sense of weaving as both craft and art. We looked at our own carpet-making process and discovered how the carpet materials and construction process were not only forms of craft, but artistic assemblages as well. In the Duality Collection, we offer three styles of modular carpet that explore both the artistry and craft of carpet-making.