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The Hocus. Inspired by Larry Bell’s study of light and reflectivity.

The Hocus Collection features sophisticated styles of modular carpet designed in collaboration with artist Larry Bell. The collection is inspired by Bell’s Standing Walls, installations of large glass panels that reveal complex shapes of transparency, reflectivity and color, which change as you walk through or around the work.

The Hocus Collection lets designers explore the magical interaction of light, surface, space and perception at play in Standing Walls, offering three styles that produce unique juxtapositions of surface and dimension, color and light.

The first style in the collection, Observer, is based on the experience of walking through a Standing Walls installation, evoking layered values of colors enhanced by reflections of light on glass, to create the impression of angular shapes seen from different vantage points.

Also in the collection is the style Maquette, which emphasizes the right angles and straight lines central to Bell’s installations, creating quiet dimension through tonal color work as well as shifts across colors.

Transference is a smaller-scale pattern, which uses subtle linework and rich texture to explore the play between surface and dimension in cubes, a key shape in Bell’s art.