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Modular & Broadloom.

With industry-leading fiber systems and superior manufacturing, our vast array of carpet styles look better and last up to 75% longer than any other carpet in the marketplace.

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Proven by Third-party Testing

All of our carpet products are third-party tested and proven to exceed industry standards in appearance retention, texture retention, fire safety factors and static generation, and our modular carpet exceeds industry standards in dimensional stability–so you can be sure that the carpet you specify will perform for years to come.

Superior Fiber Systems.

We select fibers systems to meet all your needs and expectations. Our performance carpet fiber provides the best appearance retention, resistance to soil, wear, matting and crushing in the industry.

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Backing Advantages.

Our carpet backings are built with superior performance in mind. This includes options for high moisture areas and excellent environmental benefits. We also offer a limited lifetime wick-back warranty on many of our products.

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  • Infinity® 2 Modular backing provides superior performance with a moisture barrier.
  • rEvolve® is a vinyl alternative modular backing with high performance and a moisture barrier.
  • Integra HP® is a high-performance broadloom backing with an impermeable moisture barrier.
  • UltraBac® RE broadloom backing offers strong performance and excellent environmental benefits.
  • Infinity®2MG backing allows for installations in areas with up to 99% RH in certain situations.
  • We offer limited lifetime wick-back warranties.

Our technology makes
for easier maintenance.

Antron® nylon features a unique, 4-hole, hollow- filament shape for exceptional soil concealment and cleanability.

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XGUARD® Stain Resistant Technology provides long-term stain resistance for our space dye products.

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ColorSafe® Bleach Resistant Technology resists color fade-out from bleach spills for our space dye products.

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Moisture-barrier backings are built to withstand aggressive wet cleanings.

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Third-party Testing.

All Mannington Commercial carpets are made with a minimum 3.0 TARR (Texture Appearance Retention Rating), meaning any carpet you specify will be able to withstand heavy commercial traffic. The 3.5 TARR on our carpets is tested and verified by an independent lab.

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Entryway Systems.

Our high-performance entryway systems are the ideal way to extend the life of your flooring as well as enhance the safety and cleanliness of your entire facility. Choose from a variety of styles to fit any interior aesthetic.

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