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Resilient Sheet.

Our resilient sheet products offer a perfect marriage of science and art, combined with over 100 years of manufacturing expertise. We deliver the highest level of durability and cleanability across a range of visuals in homogeneous and heterogeneous constructions.

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Proven by Third-party Testing

Our hard surface products are third-party tested and proven to exceed industry standards, including resistance to slipping, indentation, fading from light and deterioration from chemicals, ensuring long-lasting beauty, cleanability and safety.

Quantum Guard Technologies.

The Quantum Guard family of technologies sets Mannington Commercial resilient sheet apart from the rest. Quantum Guard is engineered for ease of cleaning and reduced maintenance costs, as well as superior resistance to abrasions, stains and slipping.

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  • Engineered for ease of cleaning and reduced maintenance costs.
  • Highest abrasion resistance in the industry.
  • Advanced stain resistance that continues to perform at the same high level over time.
  • Excellent slip resistance.

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Resilient Structures.

A variety of heterogeneous, homogeneous, slip resistant and heterogeneous light constructions ensure the best product for any application.

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Our 6’ and 6’6” resilient sheet products are available with QuickStix® pre-applied adhesive, which reduces installation time and suits subfloors with up to 99% RH.

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Seam+Advantage allows chemical welding of the seams between resilient sheet and carpet, providing a seamless transition that is hygienic and safe.

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