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12’ 6”

Construction Type

Patterned Loop

Fiber System

Type 6,6 Nylon

Face Weight

22 oz.

Backing Types

Integra HP
UltraBac RE

Dye Method




Collection: Quadrant

The Quadrant Collection is an exploration of grids and mapping, of the ways in which simple geometric forms can be used to define the world around us. Designed for education and corporate environments with modular centers of activity, Quadrant’s two styles, Precision and Align, can be mixed or used individually to define and energize spaces of any size. Precision creates a richly textural, linear sense of movement with subtle color contrasts. Align maps loose grids into a bolder geometric visual. The two styles work as small and large scale complements of each other and pair well with other Mannington Commercial collections, bringing flexible structure to open, active spaces. Mannington Commercial is committed to helping its customers reduce the negative impact of their projects by improving our operations and offsetting this collection's embodied carbon by 105% from cradle to gate.

What works well with this product?

What works well with this product?

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