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Collection: Liaison Entryway

Recoarse II

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Boulevard Blue


Recoarse II

A geometry of tiles that trap excess dirt and moisture at the door - scraper fibers remove debris, while reinforced nylon removes moisture.



24” × 24”


8 SQ YD per carton
18 pieces of 24" x 24"

Construction Type

Patterned Loop

Face Weight

38 oz.

Backing Type


Dye Method



Carbon Offset +Vantage Vinyl® Verified - Silver

Carbon Offset

Mannington Commercial is offsetting 105% of the cradle-to-gate embodied carbon in our new and refreshed products.

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Collection: Liaison Entryway

Those first few steps into any building are critical to the performance of the flooring throughout a facility. By trapping excess dirt and moisture at the door, Liaison Entryway Systems reduce maintenance costs, extend flooring life, and enhance safety. Mannington Commercial is committed to helping its customers reduce the negative impact of their projects by improving our operations and offsetting this collection's embodied carbon by 105% from cradle to gate.

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