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Delta Blues




12” x 48”


8 SQ YD per carton
18 pieces of 12" x 48"

Construction Type

Patterned Loop

Fiber System

Type 6,6 Nylon

Face Weight

33 oz.

Backing Types

Infinity® 2
rEvolve®II (PVC-Free)

Dye Method



Carbon Offset CRI GreenLabel EPD® Verified HPD Verified mindful Materials

Carbon Offset

Mannington Commercial is offsetting 105% of the cradle-to-gate embodied carbon in our new and refreshed products.

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Collection: Spin

Create rhythmic flooring compositions with the Spin Collection, modular carpet inspired by vinyl records and the process of record-making. Our designer visited United Records, the largest record maker in the U.S., to understand the craft by which sound becomes a tangible object. Spin explores the vast aesthetic and texture of the grooves, scratches and curves that give music its form in vinyl.

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