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Switchback is a part of Portland Project. Available in 12" x 48" modular tile on Infinity Modular backing. Features include Antron Lumena Type 6,6 Nylon with XGUARD and ColorSafe.



12” x 48”

Construction Type

Tip Shear

Fiber System

Antron Lumena Type 6,6 Nylon

Backing Type


Collection: The Portland Project

Wander and wonder. Make your own path.The Portland Project began with a road trip - with disconnecting from the daily grind and restoring our attention to the world around us. With letting our minds wander, as well as our feet. Like the coordinating modular carpet collection, The Portland Project is not a literal interpretation of what we observed in our travel. Instead, the collection evokes our experiences of wandering, wonder and discovery. The collection draws on the adventurous human spirit that brings us closer to our environment. Our inspiration came not simply from what we saw, but rather from that feeling of never knowing what beautiful viewpoint might lie just around the bend.

What works well with this product?

What works well with this product?

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