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Bitter Walnut




6” x 36”
7.25” x 48”
Style Dependent

Sizes are style dependent - refer to size chart for specific product sizes.


18 pieces of 6" x 36" - 27 SQ FT per carton
9 pieces of 7.25" x 48" - 21.75 SQ FT per carton

Construction Type

LVT with Micro-beveled Edges


Carbon Offset EPD® Verified FloorScore HPD Verified mindful Materials

Carbon Offset

Mannington Commercial is offsetting 105% of the cradle-to-gate embodied carbon in our new and refreshed products.

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Collection: Spacia First 20

Spacia First 20 is a commercial LVT aimed at those who are looking for unrivaled performance with outstanding value. This collection is suitable for commercial spaces such as student housing, assisted living, and multi-family. 20 mil wear layer with a 10 year commercial warranty.

What works well with this product?

What works well with this product?

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