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Collection: Onward 12

Onward 12

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Bolly Beech

ONW12 1200



18” x 18”
6” x 36”
Style Dependent


40 pieces of 6" x 36" - 60 SQ FT per carton
16 pieces of 18" x 18" - 36 SQ FT per carton

Construction Type



Carbon Offset EPD® Verified FloorScore HPD Verified mindful Materials +Vantage Vinyl® Verified - Silver

Carbon Offset

Mannington Commercial is offsetting 105% of the cradle-to-gate embodied carbon in our new and refreshed products.

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Collection: Onward 12

Designed for a multitude of spaces, Onward 12 LVT create harmony with nature-inspired elements. This versatile line of woods and stones combines biophilic design with performance, delivering comfortable environments for a wide range of needs and design aesthetics.

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