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Collection: White Sands

White Sands

Order Sample

Crystalline Gypsum




12” x 24”
7.25” x 48”


18 pieces of 12" x 24" - 36 SQ FT per carton
18 pieces of 7.25" x 48" - 43.5 SQ FT per carton

Construction Type

LVT with Micro-bevel or Unbeveled Edges


Quantum Guard®

Collection: White Sands

Step into the serene world of the White Sands Collection. Inspired by the sacred geometry and breathtaking landscapes of White Sands National Park, this LVT collection brings a sense of tranquil calm and rejuvenation to any space. By exploring the delicate balance between symmetry and asymmetry found in nature, the intersecting paths in White Sands mirror our connection with the celestial realm, creating a soothing atmosphere suitable for environments focused on learning, health & wellness, work and more.

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