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Birds & Bees

In an ever-changing environmental landscape, it can be easy to overlook small, but meaningful ways that we can impact the world around us. But smart and interconnected choices can support local ecosystems and create lasting change. And the birds and the bees can create a more sustainable tomorrow.

In the mid-1980s, we began attracting migrating birds called Purple Martins to our New Jersey manufacturing campus as a more natural alternative to the use of pesticides. This “Purple Martin Project” has proven to be an incredibly environmentally friendly and cost effective way to control insects. Our employees are engaged in the banding and tracking of the birds.

Then, in 2009, our New Jersey corporate site began to house honeybees. As part of an effort to show how an industrial enterprise can co-exist with the agricultural & farming community and positively contribute to both, we now have multiple hives in Salem, NJ and in Eustis, FL. The honeybees are thriving and each year we are able to enjoy and share the honey produced.

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