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Caring for our communities.

We are proud to support the communities and environmental health of the places we call home.

Made in the USA.

Mannington is a fourth generation, family-owned company deeply committed to U.S. manufacturing.

We make carpet and hard surface flooring in six communities across the U.S., allowing us to provide the highest levels of service and quality in the industry, while supporting local economies and crafting quality, American-made products.

Natural Buffers.

Sometimes natural areas like wetlands or grasslands adjoining industrial and commercial locations can lack a transitional area between actively used land and water, also called a "riparian buffer." Over many years, improvements have been made on our properties to incorporate natural buffers. In nature, these overgrown areas next to a stream or estuary stop erosion and sediment runoff, provide cover, and offer needed food and shade to fish and animals.
Along with the help from experienced not-for-profit groups and local schools thousands of native shrubs and trees have been planted alongside our facilities. By planting these riparian buffers we established areas of shrub-scrub habitat with long life expectancies.