Energy & Conservation

In addition to having 3.3 acres of solar panels on rooftops at our New Jersey facilities, we also demonstrate energy leadership through investment in high energy cogeneration, and have a commitment to reducing our emissions by 25%, by 2017. All contributing to a special recognition for industry energy leadership, by former U.S. Secretary of Energy Steven Chu.

Our conservation efforts are driven by the belief that it is possible to take in, and use, more waste than we output. Not only have we drastically decreased the amount of waste that we produce, we claim waste from other manufacturers, including flooring manufacturers, incorporating it into our own products.

Water is a precious natural resource and a key component in manufacturing. By investing in technology and a continual emphasis on efficiency and lean manufacturing, we have reduced our water use by 30% company-wide since 2007. We also actively help protect wetlands in the communities where we make flooring.

When it comes to climate change, we are also committed to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions emissions by 25% over 10 years. Since 2007, nearly a 10% reduction in energy intensity can be attributed to energy efficiencies, process efficiencies, and use of renewable energy. Additional information can be found on

For more on our Energy and Conservation programs, visit Mannington Corporate’s website.

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