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Using precious resources wisely.

Conserving water and energy is integral to our operations at Mannington. And by using resources responsibly, we're also able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Clean energy
1,000,000 kWh

Created annually by our by our 3.3 acres of solar arrays.

Energy intensity down by
17% since 2007

Through operational improvements while nearly doubling manufacturing sites through acquisitions.

Energy Leadership.

The U.S. Secretary of the Department of Energy said Mannington "was among the vanguard of forward thinking American companies as a leader in tackling energy efficiency," as one of the 50 original Save Energy Now Leaders, now called Better Plants.

Water Conservation.

Water is a precious natural resource and a key component in our manufacturing. We have reduced our water use by more than 30% company-wide since 2007. We also help protect wetlands in the communities where we make flooring.
Learn about our Wetlands initiative.
Water use down by
30% since 2007