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Carpet Tile

Carpet makes its way into America’s landfills every year. At Mannington, we have applied a responsible end-of-life plan for the carpet products we manufacture. Through our LOOP® reclamation program, we take back post-consumer carpet tile and closed-loop recycle it back into both carpet and hard surface flooring.

Going the distance to recycle

LOOP® contributes to our goal of becoming a “net user of waste.”

We care about doing what’s right for the world in which we live. We’ve also made it easier for our customers to do what’s right by helping them recycle their used carpet tile.

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LOOP contributes to our goal of becoming a net user of waste.
Carpet Recycling Requested
Carpet Recycling Requested Icon

1. Carpet Recycling Requested

Mannington customer calls our 800 number or emails us with a request to recycle their carpet tile.

Used Flooring Removed
Used Flooring Removed Icon

2. Used Carpet Removed

Working with our customer’s carpet dealer or installer, the old carpet tile is assessed and if applicable removed, packaged and scheduled for pick up.

Used Flooring Transported
Used Flooring Transported Icon

3. Used Flooring Transported

The used carpet is picked up and transported to our LOOP® recycling center.

Used Flooring Processed
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4. Used Flooring Processed

The LOOP® recycling facility breaks down the used PVC carpet tile into usable pellets, which are shipped to our manufacturing facility.

BioSpec RE Produced
BioSpec RE Produced Icon

5. BioSpec® RE Produced

At our manufacturing facility, some of the recycled pellets are used to create our BioSpec® RE resilient sheet flooring.

Infinity RE Backing Produced
Infinity RE Backing Produced Icon

6. Infinity® RE Backing Produced

In addition, our facility applies the recycled pellets to a fiberglass scrim, turning it into Infinity® RE backing that is then used as backing in our carpet manufacturing facility.

New Carpet Tile Produced
New Carpet Tile Produced Icon

7. New Carpet Tile Produced

Our carpet facility uses the Infinity® RE backing to produce carpet tile products.

The LOOP Continues
The LOOP Continues Icon

8. The LOOP® Continues

These new flooring products are then sold to our customers, helping them create beautiful new spaces, thus closing the LOOP®.

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Closing the LOOP®

At Mannington, we reclaim carpet tile from any manufacturer and recycle it into Infinity® RE backing and BioSpec® RE heterogeneous sheet.

With just one phone call, our LOOP® reclamation program allows anyone to recycle their used carpet tile.

We reclaim PVC backed carpet tile made by any manufacturer

No minimum or maximum amount

Must be a current customer replacing your old carpet with new Mannington flooring

Non-PVC carpet tile and broadloom to be quoted on a project by project basis

Close the LOOP® by recycling your used carpet today!

Contact us at 800-241-2262 ext. 6211 or
to obtain more detailed information.