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Over 3 decades
of Innovation
in Sustainability

When it comes to sustainability, actions speak. So we at Mannington have worked for decades on concrete initiatives that reduce our use of natural resources and lessen our impact on the environment. We are proud to be part of our industry’s most effective and innovative sustainability initiatives.


We’re striving each day for new ways to make our operations and products more sustainable.

This timeline represents just some of the more significant milestones we have achieved in our effort to Do the Right Thing.

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Mid - 1980’s

Purple Martins

Purple Martins

We begin attracting migratory birds called Purple Martins to our Salem, NJ manufacturing campus as a more natural alternative to pesticides. This “Purple Martin Project” has proved to be an environmentally friendly and cost effective way to control insects. Our employees are engaged in the care and counting of these birds.


USGBC Member

U.S. Green Building Council

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) is committed to transforming the way our buildings are designed, constructed and operated through LEED, the top third-party verification system for sustainable structures around the world.

Every day USGBC is helping advance spaces that are better for the environment and healthier for us to live, work and play in.

2003 - 2004

Wetlands / CRI Green Label Plus

Wetlands and CRI Green Label Plus icons

Along with the Partnership for the Delaware Estuary, NJ Audubon Society and local schools, Mannington planted thousands of native shrubs and trees alongside our facilities. Planting in these transitional areas between land and water helps stop erosion and offers needed food and shade to fish and animals.

GL+ is an independent carpet testing program that exceeds the CHPS indoor environmental quality standards for low-emitting products used in commercial settings. All of our commercial carpet products are CRI Green Label Plus certified.

2004 - 2009

ISO: 14001

ISO: 14001 icon

Mannington employs ISO: 14001 standards at its facilities, setting the framework with which we improve our environmental performance.

  • Inlaid in Salem was initially registered in November 2004
  • Tile in Salem was initially registered in November 2005
  • Carpet in Calhoun was initially registered in December 2005
  • Residential Mfg. Depts. in Salem were registered in 2009, making our entire Salem manufacturing site ISO: 14001 certified
  • Amtico Madison USA and Coventry UK were both registered when we acquired them in 2012



FloorScore icon

FloorScore Certification ensures hard surface flooring and flooring adhesive products meet strict indoor air quality (IAQ) requirements. Products bearing the FloorScore label meet the indoor air quality emissions criteria of LEED, CHPS and the Green Guide for Health Care and are recognized by a long list of healthy building programs.


LOOP® Reclamation

LOOP icon

At Mannington, we reclaim carpet tile from any manufacturer and recycle it into Infinity® RE backing and BioSpec® RE heterogeneous sheet.

We have also been a Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE) member since 2005. The mission of CARE is to advance market-based solutions that increase landfill diversion and recycling of post-consumer carpet.


Water Conservation

Water Conversation icon

Water is a precious natural resource and a key component in our manufacturing. By investing in better technology and continually emphasizing efficiency and lean manufacturing, we have reduced our water usage by 30% since 2007.


Solar Energy / GBI Member

Solar Energy and GBI Member icon

Initial installation of our solar panels at our Salem, NJ facility was completed in 2008, with the second phase installed in 2010. At 3.3 acres, we have one of the largest solar arrays in the flooring industry, generating 1,000,000 kilowatt hours annually.

Mannington becomes a Green Building Initiative (GBI) member via the Green Globes® certification program, which provides customized guidance in the design, construction and operation of high-performance interiors and buildings. GBI is a nonprofit organization that administers green building assessment and certification programs for commercial facilities throughout the United States.

2008 - 2009

NSF 140 & NSF 332

NSF 140 and NSF 332 icon

Mannington begins NSF 140 certification of its carpet products and NSF 332 certification of its hard surface products. The NSF mark is an assurance that the product has been analyzed by one of the most respected independent certification organizations in existence today. It is valued by consumers, manufacturers, retailers and regulatory agencies worldwide.



Honeybees icon

Our Salem, NJ site begins to house honeybees as part of an effort to show how an industrial enterprise can co-exist with the agricultural and farming community and positively contribute to both. We now have hives in Salem, NJ and Eustis, FL. The honeybees are thriving, and each year we are able to enjoy and share the honey produced.


EPD’s / LEED V4 Certifications

EPD's and LEED V4 Certifications icons

Mannington begins using Environmental Product Declarations (EPD’s) on its products. EPD’s document how a product affects the environment throughout its life cycle in a standardized format.

LEED is the most widely used third-party verification for green buildings in the world. Projects pursuing LEED certification earn points across several areas that address sustainability topics. Mannington products contribute to LEED credits across several areas.


HPD’s / “Art is Cool”

HPD's / Art is Cool icons

Mannington begins using Health Product Declarations (HPD’s) on its products. The HPD lists product ingredients and shows how each one could potentially impact human health.

Mannington hosts the 13th annual “Art is Cool” program at its company headquarters. Started in 2003 by Chairman of the Board Keith Campbell, the program recognizes Salem County High School students who exhibit talent in the arts.



Declare icon

Mannington begins using Declare labels on its products. Declare is a “nutrition label” for building products, allowing customers to quickly assess material ingredients, the product’s Red List Free status and end-of-life options. Declare was created by the International Living Future Institute, which operates the Living Building Challenge, one of the most ambitious green building standards in the world.



mindful MATERIALS icon

Mannington begins listing its products on mindful MATERIALS. This design industry initiative provides a common platform for manufacturers to clearly communicate transparency and optimization information for their building products. Through this platform, we can enter product information directly into an online database, indicating which disclosure documents and certifications apply to each of our products. This database gives designers a single place to search for product information.


105% Carbon Offset Program

As an early step in our decarbonization efforts, we begin offsetting 105% of the cradle-to-gate embodied carbon of our new and refreshed flooring products.


mindful MATERIALS Manufacturer Materials Commitment

We sign the Manufacturer Materials Commitment to work towards manufacturing holistically sustainable products in order to drastically reduce the negative impacts of the built environment.


Drawdown Georgia Business Compact

We sign the Drawdown Georgia Business Compact to work collectively with other Georgia businesses on growing climate solutions in the state.

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