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NeoCon 2023

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Harmonize with our flooring collections that pull inspiration from sound baths and Wassily Kandinsky. Dig your toes into our plush rugs and marvel at the intricate patterns of our ultra-thick 4mm LVT.

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Mannington’s Best

We are thrilled to announce that Roby Isaac, our VP of Commercial Design, has won the 2023 Interior Design HiP Award for Creative Director – Manufacturing. With his extraordinary talent and vision, Roby is a driving force for crafting flooring that inspires, innovates, and serves the greater good. We are honored to have his leadership at Mannington Commercial.

Natural Optimist Collection

Natural Optimist

Celebrate the unique textures of our world with Natural Optimist. In substantial 4 mm LVT, the collection spans hand-worked textiles, peaceful woods, and eclectic terrazzo. Combine the styles with each other or with carpet – no transition strips needed – to provide spaces with layers of organic depth and texture.

The Need for Sound Collection

The Need for Sound

Build warm and resonant sensory experiences with The Need for Sound. This modular carpet collection is inspired by sound baths, invoking plush textures and colors that restore a sense of comfort and vitality. Exploring sight, sound, and touch in one holistic experience, The Need for Sound connects us more deeply to our inner and outer worlds.

New Composition Collection

New Composition

Bring creativity and harmony into environments with New Composition. Inspired by the art of Wassily Kandinsky, the modular carpet and broadloom styles feature elemental shapes that Kandinsky favored, delicately layered and expressed in a palette designed for play. Building iterations of form and color across spaces, New Composition opens up the imagination.

Proxy Collection


Create supportive spaces with the Proxy Collection. PVC-free, this non-vinyl resilient plank flooring offers comforting oak visuals in soothing neutrals that support a sense of wellbeing. Declare Red List Free, carbon offset at 105% cradle to gate, and 100% free of PVC, ortho-phthalates, PFAS, halogens, plasticizers and chlorine, Proxy helps create a better environment, indoors and out.

Captivate Rugs Collection

Captivate Rugs

Give people refined, inviting places to gather and connect with the Captivate Collection. These hand-loomed area rugs are crafted with 100% New Zealand wool for organic beauty. Luxuriously textured, Captivate adds appealing warmth and definition to every commercial interior.

Attune Collection


Developed specifically for healing environments, Attune heterogeneous sheet offers essential elements for today’s modern healthcare facilities. The product utilizes itsTRU technology for advanced durability as well as excellent acoustical properties and comfort underfoot, supporting the needs of patients and caregivers. The range of visuals ensures a solution for every design.

Onward 12 and Upward 20 Collections

Onward and Upward

Designed for comfort, Onward 12 and Upward 20 LVT create harmony for senior living and healthcare spaces. Incorporating nature-inspired elements, this versatile line combines biophilic design and high performance in 12 mil and 20 mil LVT to suit different price points, delivering comfortable environments for a wide range of needs and design aesthetics.

Our Senior Marketing Manager and VP of Design on this year’s collections.

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