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Designed with installation artist Gabriel Dawe, a collection that builds creative energy with unique planes of depth and color, filled with rays of light.

Learn about Moiré.


Inspired by the process of making vinyl records, an aesthetic journey into the grooves, scratches and curves that give music its tangible form in vinyl.

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Northern Wonder.

The colors of sunrise and sunset in delicately layered patterns, translating the mesmerizing experience of the northern lights and an arctic landscape.

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A celebration of traditional handiwork and the ability of craft to build new meanings over time, with patterns that create ever-changing stories of beauty.

Learn about Heirloom.


An industry leading non-vinyl construction in resilient plank and tile, featuring versatile designs and high durability with low environmental impact.

Learn about Cirro.

Dark Skies.

From a visit to the Headlands International Dark Sky Park, a collection of patterns that capture the atmospheric drama of illumination and shadow.

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Open Range.

Inspired by the rugged Old West, hard-working rubber plank with the authentic beauty of realistic wood visuals, high variation and rich texturing.

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Our VP of Design and Director of Marketing on this year’s collections.

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