Mannington Commercial Evolves Abstract Aesthetics in Hetereogeneous Sheet

Mannington Commercial continues its leadership in expanding resilient flooring beyond nature-inspired aesthetics, toward unique patterning that brings visual interest and warmth to the floor. With the launch of the Paradigm Collection at NeoCon this year, Mannington creates a sense of movement, of momentum and evolution, while building on the legacy of performance expected from Mannington Commercial resilient.

“Rather than bring another faux natural pattern to heterogeneous sheet, we wanted to create a visually appealing look that is just as durable as other Mannington heterogeneous sheet,” said Roby Isaac, Creative Manager with the company. “The Paradigm Collection brings the sense of warmth and calm that comes with natural materials, but is entirely rooted in man made and abstract patterning.”

Listening to and working with A+D, to understand what marketplace needs, the team developed three patterns that create a rich visual on the floor without overwhelming other design elements.

Streamline is a wood-inspired grain stripped down to basic forms; Intersect is a spin-off of classic woven materials, yet more delicate and active than standard broadcloth looks. Flow is particularly unique, bringing horizontally linear, pivoted grains that give a soft and undulating feel.

“There is typically a distinctive direction in heterogeneous products, where the grain runs north-to-south,” said Isaac. “We believe that there are real benefits to having a product with an east-to-west grain, including fewer seams and a truly unique pattern distinction.”

Strong yet easy to maintain, with stain-resistant properties and Mannington’s patented QuantumGuard HP wearlayer with a urethane aluminum oxide topcoat cured by an ultraviolet process.

Available in 6, 9 and 12 foot widths for ease of installation and reduced waste, the products can also be welded to other Mannington flooring, including high performance carpet, resilient sheet and LVT, for aseptic transitions that are also mobility-friendly. The product has been certified as a NSF-332 Gold environmentally preferable product, is fully recyclable and Floor Score certified, and manufactured in ISO-14001 certified facilities powered by the industry’s
largest solar array..

Made in the USA; in fact, Mannington is one of only two domestic manufacturers of heavy commercial hetereogeneous flooring.