Mannington Commercial Introduces Against the Grain

At NeoCon 2014, Mannington Commercial invites designers to step into a new direction in 18″x36″ carpet plank, that opens new possibilities for modular installations. Inspired by the bold grains of rough hewn and reclaimed woods, Against the Grain unites four distinctly cut aesthetics that are visually stunning and texturally rich, yet able to play a supporting role in an interior space.

Exploring interpretations of the warm textures and weighty grains of reclaimed wood, the designers used carpet’s unique capabilities to create upscale aesthetics. The collection’s overall tonality ties varied textures and patterns together, creating a differentiated design on the floor. A new palette of long tonal space-dyed nylon creates richness and sophistication in the 15 colors.

Spaces in today’s market are designed with few dividing lines in mind – work, collaboration, and socializing areas are more blurred than ever. Against the Grain leverages this trend through a smart use of texture and pattern, allowing the floor to provide subtle visual cues to the functionality of the space.

The four pattern components can be used individually or in any combination creating a running line program unique to each space. Designed for incredible simplicity of planning and installation, the patterns are truly mix-and-match, creating a random effect that is programmed into the 18”x36” tile format of each product.

Available on rEvolve thermoplastic polyolefin backing, with 0 vinyl, 40% minimum recycled content, 10% post-consumer (NSF/ANSI Certified Platinum). Also available on Infinity RE Modular: 30% minimum recycled content. EPDs are available for both backings.

High performance Ultron 6,6 nylon and Mannington construction unite to create a high performance, high durability, low maintenance carpet, engineered to retain the color and texture that set the collection apart. Colorsafe bleach warranty, Xguard stain warranty, and lifetime backing warranties apply.