Divergent Collection of LVT Launches

Mannington Commercial, a leader in flooring for commercial interiors, has launched the Divergent Collection of LVT.

Sometimes, the greatest masterpieces are inspired by the simplicity of stillness and the comfort of the environments we know best. Mannington’s roots have been planted in Salem, New Jersey for 100 years and the associates often enjoy quiet moments in this peaceful landscape. In fact, the collection was built around the simple premise of finding inspiration in your own backyard.

Design Director Roby Isaac spent an afternoon quietly observing the meadows outside the Salem manufacturing facility. In the stillness of tall-stalk wetland vegetation, his root-level observation led to a partnership with a leading materials science lab and a close look at microscopic cross-sections of Phragmite, a common plant with beautiful patterning at the molecular level. 

This became Divergent—a collection drawn from standing still, from appreciating the places we come from and the beauty of our environment, in up close and personal ways. Soft linear patterns take shape in subtle gradations, abstract graphics, and a timely, relevant color story. 

The collection’s four abstract, organic patterns—Meadow, Estuary, Fen, and Strand—are ideal for healthcare, retail, hospitality, and corporate spaces. 

Divergent comes in a variety of formats, including 18”x18” tile and 18”x36” plank (Estuary only). Contains rapidly renewable resource content. The collection also features Quantum Guard®HP, the highest performance commercial urethane finish in the industry. The patented aluminum oxide proprietary wearlayer eliminates the need for polish, while enhancing durability, cleanability, appearance retention and slip resistance when compared to standard resilient floors – resulting in tremendous savings in maintenance costs.