Mannington Launches QuickStix, Groundbreaking Pre-Applied Adhesive for LVT

Mannington Commercial, a leader in flooring for commercial interiors, announced today the launch of QuickStix LVT, a groundbreaking pre-applied adhesive for LVT flooring.

QuickStix was designed to expedite the LVT installation process, as well as extend its effectiveness to projects where adhesives prove challenging. Upon receipt of QuickStix-backed LVT, the tile is immediately ready to be installed and sticks and sets upon installation—decreasing installation time as well as wait time, both of which are valuable in tight construction schedules or when down time for renovations cause a loss of revenue.

The high performance of QuickStix is due to its incredible moisture resistance properties. Even with extreme subfloor moisture—up to 99% RH and 18 lb MVER—QuickStix not only sticks: it can stand up to walking and even heavy rolling loads, instantaneously.

The product’s water-based adhesive technology does away with the need for adhesive pails, trowels, and long hours of labor. Simply, peel, position and roll.

QuickStix is ideal for IAQ, as it does away with the need for traditional adhesives; contains no VOCs. A 10-year warranty covers both the product and the adhesive. Further improving IAQ is Mannington’s patented Quantum Guard®HP, the industry’s highest-performing wearlayer—an aluminum oxide topcoat cured by an ultraviolet process for durability, easy cleanability, and slip-retardance.

Much like Mannington’s wide array of LVT patterns, QuickStix is highly dynamic and well-suited for every kind of hard surface setting, including healthcare, education, retail, and beyond.