BioSpec Armor Collection Launch

Mannington Commercial is introducing the BioSpec Armor Collection, a line up of resilient homogeneous sheet flooring products created to protect the most demanding healthcare environments. With advanced manufacturing, BioSpec Armor delivers superior resistance to gouging, tearing, staining and indentation, making it an excellent choice for critical healthcare areas such as operating rooms which experience heavy traffic, rolling and static loads.

BioSpec Armor is 0.100” (2.54 mm) thick and is manufactured in a 6’6” width, which reduces excess material waste and allows for easier installation. Featuring Mannington Commercial’s patent-pending Quantum Guard Elite® (QGE) technology and its heat-weldability, BioSpec Armor is engineered as a hygienic, seamless floor that traps less dirt and offers superior stain resistance. Its easy cleanability and exceptional resistance to wear, staining and indentations allows for reduced maintenance costs. The QGE technology also offers greater slip resistance, preventing slips or falls and improved safety for the facility.

BioSpec Armor Collection products are available in 24 colors. The collection’s palette of delicate grays and beiges creates a soft, monochromatic feel across the floor. This warm aesthetic provides a clean, architectural look perfectly suited for many types of healthcare spaces.

“BioSpec Armor is designed to be the ultimate in sheet vinyl performance for healthcare settings and is unlike any other sheet product available today,” said Mannington Commercial Vice President of Commercial Rubber, Sheet and Distribution, Al Boulogne. “The collection builds upon our legacy of developing proven resilient sheet products for the healthcare market. By reinforcing the construction of traditional homogeneous sheet, BioSpec Armor is a game-elevating product that better meets the most demanding healthcare environments.”

BioSpec Armor carries a limited 15-year commercial warranty and limited 15-year Quantum Guard Elite wear warranty. The product is made of non-ortho phthalate construction and is manufactured for low emissions. It is FloorScore Certified, CDPH v1.1-2010. BioSpec Armor also carries an industry-wide 3rd Party Type III Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).