Mannington Commercial Launches Rubber IdealBase

Mannington Commercial is introducing IdealBase™, a 6.25-inch rubber wall base that provides a sanitary solution for healthcare applications by offering a seamless transition from floor to wall.

IdealBase is not only more economical than traditional flash coving, but also provides enhanced performance particularly in healthcare settings where infection control and sanitary environments are crucial.

IdealBase installation on wall seams eliminates dye-lot concerns on corners and provides simpler, more forgiving, and faster installation than traditional flash cove methods. IdealBase is also more durable against heavy medical equipment than traditional flash cove methods. The new wall base will not fade or crack and is scuff and scratch resistant.

Aesthetically, IdealBase provides a clean look with 2-inchtoe and return toe at top, extending minimally onto the floor.

IdealBase’s high-performance blend allows for a stronger bond to a variety of floor coverings than other products. Its thermoplastic construction is specifically engineered for use with homogeneous and heterogeneous sheet (.080”), BioSpec OR Armor (.100”) and Legato™ Liquid Linoleum (.080”) as well as rubber sheet (.118”).

IdealBase is available in 8-foot’lengths for less vertical seams and 10 colors to coordinate with Mannington Commercial’s most popular resilient flooring products. IdealBase carries a limited 5-year commercial warranty. It is FloorScore Certified, CDPH v1.1-2010 is mindful MATERIALS certified and may contribute to LEED credits.