Mannington Commercial Introduces The Case for Silence Collection

Mannington Commercial introduces The Case for Silence, a modular carpet collection that offers two styles crafted to coordinate and support a calm and tranquil environment despite the hustle and bustle of daily life.

“Our world is a constant barrage of sensory input, which never allows us to be truly still and to let our minds roam,” said Roby Isaac, Vice President of Commercial Design at Mannington Commercial. “Our new collection is about connecting to the serenity that we seek, even though it, like silence seems out of reach. Our hope is that the busy spaces in which we work and learn can still help us find a nurturing balance.”

One of the members of the Mannington Design Studio designed the carpet after an experience in an anechoic chamber, one of the quietest places on earth with a negative decibel sound rating. The designer sat in darkness and silence for 20 minutes, which compelled the brain to seek out any sensory input it could find. The designer’s senses were amplified during this time, and she began hearing a soft static humming in her ears.

The Case for Silence Collection is inspired by that humming and combines the flux and variability of the silent chamber experience. Optic Hush conveys the rigidity and formal structure of the anechoic chamber, where acoustical panels line the walls, no sound can penetrate the room and no other stimulus-producing elements are included. Static Echo channels the soft yet calming background noise that can be created in our brains when there is an absence of sound.

Both products are available in 12” x 36” tiles and seven neutral colors designed to represent the solitary darkness and quiet essence of the chamber. The tiles are easily coordinated with one another, along with many of Mannington Commercial’s other collections. The products can easily interplay with each other to create a dynamic yet softly grounded look for any commercial space.

The Case for Silence Collection features type 6,6 nylon providing enhanced cleanability, performance and appearance retention. The Infinity® 2 Modular backing is built to withstand aggressive wet cleanings, and the Collection was specifically designed for use in severe environments with rigorous foot traffic, such as public areas, lobbies, and dining facilities as well as transportation service areas such as airports.

The Infinity 2 Modular backing also contains recycled content and is certified NSF/ANSI 140 Gold and CRI Green Label Plus and may contribute to LEED credits. In addition, a product-specific Type III Environmental Product Declaration and a published Health Product Declaration are available. The collection boasts a limited lifetime wear and backing warranty, limited 15-year XGUARD® Stain Resistance warranty and limited 15-year ColorSafe® Bleach Resistance warranty.

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