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City Park Collection Offers Favorite Mannington Visuals, In a Solid Core LVT

Mannington has curated a range of its top commercial LVT patterns and colors into the City Park Collection, 6×36” planks now with a rigid, solid core.

The new collection’s FloorArmor™core works alongside the industry’s leading wear layer, QuantumGuard® HP urethane with aluminum oxide, as well as an ultra-quiet pad—to create a flooring that is waterproof, scratchproof, and noise proof. Additionally, City Park LVT is available with proven LockSolid technology, enabling a glueless “click” installation.

“City Park combines our most popular LVT looks with our most advanced performance technologies,” said Al Boulogne, Senior Director of Mannington’s Commercial LVT business. “The result is a collection of products that meet, and then transcend, expectations for residential and commercial products. City Park is a perfect fit for today’s hospitality, multi-family, and ‘resi-mercial’ installations.”

The collection has superior dimensional stability, superior static load resistance, and smoke density performance. Limited City Park is certified under FloorScore, approved as CHPS 01350 compliant, and recognized in LEED, as well as being manufactured in an ISO 9001 and 14001 registered manufacturing facility. 10 Year Commercial Warranty, and Limited 10 Year QuantumGuard® HP Warranty.

For over 100 years, Mannington has created flooring products known for beautiful aesthetics and exceptional durability  Our modular carpet tile, broadloom carpet, entryway systems, resilient sheet, LVT, VCT, rubber sheet and tile, engineered hardwood, and laminate work together to create beautiful spaces that are built to look amazing and enhance the overall user experience.

Mannington Commercial’s Realities II Is a Legacy Heterogeneous Collection, Reimagined

Mannington’s Realities II is a heterogeneous resilient sheet in beautiful wood grains. The traditional, transitional, and modern patterns are available in multiple plank visuals and colors ranging from warm to cool, light to dark.

The high-performance flooring brings that natural beauty to any environment. The collection’s eight patterns offer a variety of plank widths, from 1.75” to 6” and are available in 48 colors, with a new texture that is easy to keep clean. Where many heterogeneous sheet floorings try to mimic natural look of wood but cannot measure up, Realities II has a wood look, yet is engineered for remarkable performance, durability, and cleanability.

New aesthetics focus on traditional species like Oak, Maple, Walnut, an updated Cherry that is quieter in character. Rounding out the collection is Boardwalk, a hybrid visual that is a linear, wood-like feel inspired by bamboo and eucalyptus.

The sheet flooring also comes in three different widths—6’, 9’, and 12’—enabling less waste, fewer seams, and overall lower installed costs in certain applications. Realities II features Quantum Guard® HP, the industry’s leading wear layer to reduce maintenance costs and enhance the already incredibly durable construction. The construction is also 100% non-Ortho phthalate.

Mannington Launches QuickStix, Groundbreaking Pre-Applied Adhesive for LVT


Mannington Commercial, a leader in flooring for commercial interiors, announced today the launch of QuickStix LVT, a groundbreaking pre-applied adhesive for LVT flooring.

QuickStix was designed to expedite the LVT installation process, as well as extend its effectiveness to projects where adhesives prove challenging. Upon receipt of QuickStix-backed LVT, the tile is immediately ready to be installed and sticks and sets upon installation—decreasing installation time as well as wait time, both of which are valuable in tight construction schedules or when down time for renovations cause a loss of revenue.

The high performance of QuickStix is due to its incredible moisture resistance properties. Even with extreme subfloor moisture—up to 99% RH and 18 lb MVER—QuickStix not only sticks: it can stand up to walking and even heavy rolling loads, instantaneously.

The product’s water-based adhesive technology does away with the need for adhesive pails, trowels, and long hours of labor. Simply, peel, position and roll.

QuickStix is ideal for IAQ, as it does away with the need for traditional adhesives; contains no VOCs. A 10-year warranty covers both the product and the adhesive. Further improving IAQ is Mannington’s patented Quantum Guard®HP, the industry’s highest-performing wearlayer—an aluminum oxide topcoat cured by an ultraviolet process for durability, easy cleanability, and slip-retardance.

Much like Mannington’s wide array of LVT patterns, QuickStix is highly dynamic and well-suited for every kind of hard surface setting, including healthcare, education, retail, and beyond.

Divergent LVT and Carpet Awarded Best of NeoCon Gold for Healthcare

Wooden sunbeds

Mannington Commercial, a leader in flooring for commercial interiors, has been awarded the Best of NeoCon Gold in Healthcare Flooring, for the companion collections, Divergent modular carpet and Divergent LVT.

Inspired by the soothing tranquility of nature and designed for a tremendous variety of healthcare, retail, hospitality, and corporate applications, this line of carpet complements and completes the Divergent Collection of LVT, launched in April 2016.

Commercial applications demands high performance products, so Divergent was designed with a strong emphasis on quality and durability: both carpet and LVT lines stand up to heavy traffic and stains in every kind of setting.

Since Mannington believes that functionality need not come at the expense of aesthetics—the organic beauty of the Divergent Collection renders a calming, spa-like feel. Versatile patterns, from soft lines to strong graphics, deliver a collection that stand alone or play together to create countless unique installations. A neutral palette drawn from wood, soft metals and cool industrial materials, crosses both platforms, coordinating without being overly matched.

Divergent LVT is available in 18”x18” and 18”x36”, while carpet is available in 18”x 36” plank. The cohesiveness of the two Divergent collections is more than visual: Mannington’s Seam+Advantage can chemically welds the LVT and carpet together, creating seamless transitions without transition strips.

Made with renewable materials and pre-consumer content, Divergent LVT is finished with Quantum Guard HP, the highest performing urethane for greater scratch and stain resistance and enhanced slip retardance. Divergent carpet is manufactured Econyl 100% regenerated nylon 6, for superior stain resistance and appearance retention. Both lines can be reclaimed and closed-loop recycled through Mannington’s LOOP®. The modular format of the collection was intentionally designed to reduce waste and downtime. Made in the USA.

The Best of NeoCon® is sponsored by Contract magazine, Merchandise Mart Properties, Inc., The International Interior Design Association (IIDA), The International Facility Management Association (IFMA), and The McMorrow Reports for Facilities Management.

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Mannington and ONE Global Design Win Best of NeoCon Silver, HiP Award for Infused Collection LVT

Mannington-Commercial_Infused_3 copy

Mannington Commercial, a leader in flooring for commercial interiors, has won a Best of NeoCon Silver award and a HiP Award for the Infused Collection, a sophisticated mosaic of coordinating graphic LVT patterns.

Van Gogh once said, “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” This quote was a touchstone throughout product development of the collection. Designed by ONE Global Design—a network of principal-led design firms in 18 cities across North America—the innovative collection is a modern interpretation of LVT consisting of five patterns: Bordado, Broad Street, Birds Eye, Hustle and Scratch That.

Guided by the concept that “more is more,” the colorful line is a love letter to Mexico City, Philadelphia, Chicago, Atlanta and New York. The five cities’ patterns are connected through line quality and shared colorways—a combination of brights and neutrals, infused with the bold and playful spirit of the vibrant cultures that inspired them.

The Infused Collection was created to be mixed and remixed, so that it matches the vision of any designer. Strong enough to stand alone, colors and designs also can be combined to make a bold statement for feature areas, or in tonal and sophisticated ways for quieter spaces. Each pattern is available in 9”x9” and 2.5”x36” formats, and is emboldened with a subtle luster, giving tiles a refined yet striking character that subtly shimmers and shifts as you move across the room.

With a 20-mil wear layer for affordability and durability, the collection is manufactured using patented Quantum Guard HP, an aluminum oxide topcoat cured by an ultraviolet process that enhances scratch and stain resistance, as well as slip-retardance. It is available with Mannington’s advanced underlayment technology, which meets or exceeds all IIC sound requirements. While applicable to any market segment, the Infused Collection is especially well-suited to retail, hospitality and corporate.

The Best of NeoCon® is sponsored by Contract magazine, Merchandise Mart Properties, Inc., The International Interior Design Association (IIDA), The International Facility Management Association (IFMA), and The McMorrow Reports for Facilities Management.

Interior Design magazine’s HIP (Honoring Industry People) Awards recognize individuals in the design industry as well as  product solutions. Winners are selected by popular vote online.

ONE Global Design is a network of principal-led design firms in 18 cities, from Vancouver to Mexico City, Atlanta to Los Angeles. Global reach, personal touch.

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ONE Global Design and Mannington Create Intrinsic, Inspired by Nature and the Eames


Mannington Commercial, a leader in flooring for commercial interiors, launched the Intrinsic Collection, a boldly beautiful modular carpet collection of 18”x36” planks at NeoCon. The product won a #metropolislikes award from Metropolis magazine, and was an honoree in the Interior Design HiP Awards.

The collection was designed by ONE Global Design, a network of principal-led design firms in 18 cities, from Vancouver to Mexico City, Atlanta to Los Angeles. This unprecedented partnership led to a uniquely dynamic product: the unique contours, fractals and and gently organic nature of the patterns make the collection highly usable in corporate, healthcare, higher education and hospitality markets.

Inspired by the Eames’ Powers of Ten—ranging from the grand scale of topography to the intimacy of a blown dandelion—the collection shapes a captivating interplay of complex organics, visually layered to emphasize seamless textural changes. Intrinsic comprises four patterns: Contour, Intertwine, Magnify and Merge.

The color palette is anchored in neutrals and combined with transitional colors that are both modern and comforting, rich and bold, resulting in a dramatic design statement. Patterns can be used individually or in any mix-and-match combination.

The designers relied on Mannington’s advanced tufting capabilities to create upscale aesthetics with materials that are strong and durable—specifically Antron® Lumena premium nylon 6,6 and Infinity® Modular backing, engineered for strong performance, excellent tuft and dimensional stability. Intrinsic also utilizes XGUARD Stain Resistant Technology COLORSAFE® proprietary Bleach Resistant Technology. Fully recyclable via Mannington’s LOOP® closed-loop recycling program.

ONE Global Design is a network of principal-led design firms in 18 cities, from Vancouver to Mexico City, Atlanta to Los Angeles. Global reach, personal touch.

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Portland Collection Honored by Interior Design magazine


Mannington Commercial, a leader in flooring for commercial interiors, launched the Portland Collection at NeoCon 2016—where it was recognized as an honoree in Interior Design magazine’s HiP Awards.

Portland’s patterns were inspired by a week of exploration of Oregon’s wild, rugged and remote coastline. Close observation led the design team to four unique styles, where connections become patterns, adventure translates to texture and textile, and a multifaceted color palette, inspired by the coastal wilderness, brings every element perfectly together.

Visually, the styles recall Oregon’s secluded ridgelines and trailheads, interpreted as sharp linear movements and layered striations of color in the collection. Hues range from richly saturated to neutral, coastal-inspired grays and browns. Patterns mix large and small scale, and the 12”x48” plank size reinforces the perception of movement from one tile to the next, evoking a sense of wandering and of wonder.

The Portland Collection’s luxurious textures—both loop and tip shear—and thoughtful approach to classic and emerging color trends make the collection perfect for corporate, retail, higher education and hospitality projects. The generous variety of styles within the collection allows for interpretation in innovative design compositions: designers can conceptualize and realize their own personal vision for a space, whether a bold combination of colors and patterns or subtle understatement.

Portland Project modular carpet is manufactured with Antron® Lumena premium nylon 6,6, and up to 30% pre-consumer recycled content. Infinity Modular backing is engineered for strong performance, excellent tuft bind and dimensional stability. The collection also utilizes XGUARD® Stain Resistant Technology and COLORSAFE® proprietary Bleach Resistant Technology for enhanced durability and lasting quality.

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Divergent Collection of LVT Launches


Mannington Commercial, a leader in flooring for commercial interiors, has launched the Divergent Collection of LVT.

Sometimes, the greatest masterpieces are inspired by the simplicity of stillness and the comfort of the environments we know best. Mannington’s roots have been planted in Salem, New Jersey for 100 years and the associates often enjoy quiet moments in this peaceful landscape. In fact, the collection was built around the simple premise of finding inspiration in your own backyard.

Design Director Roby Isaac spent an afternoon quietly observing the meadows outside the Salem manufacturing facility. In the stillness of tall-stalk wetland vegetation, his root-level observation led to a partnership with a leading materials science lab and a close look at microscopic cross-sections of Phragmite, a common plant with beautiful patterning at the molecular level. 

This became Divergent—a collection drawn from standing still, from appreciating the places we come from and the beauty of our environment, in up close and personal ways. Soft linear patterns take shape in subtle gradations, abstract graphics, and a timely, relevant color story. 

The collection’s four abstract, organic patterns—Meadow, Estuary, Fen, and Strand—are ideal for healthcare, retail, hospitality, and corporate spaces. 

Divergent comes in a variety of formats, including 18”x18” tile and 18”x36” plank (Estuary only). Contains rapidly renewable resource content. The collection also features Quantum Guard®HP, the highest performance commercial urethane finish in the industry. The patented aluminum oxide proprietary wearlayer eliminates the need for polish, while enhancing durability, cleanability, appearance retention and slip resistance when compared to standard resilient floors – resulting in tremendous savings in maintenance costs. 

Teles High Resiliency Rubber Wins Interior Design Best of Year Award


Mannington Commercial, a leader in flooring for commercial interiors, has been honored with a Best of Year Award from Interior Design magazine, for Teles high resiliency rubber plank and tile.

Created with healthcare, education, and large public space applications in mind, Teles is an innovation in rubber flooring, with double the PSI of other rubber flooring. While still delivering the characteristics that make rubber desirable—including acoustic properties and greater comfort underfoot, Teles also brings unprecedented resistance to indentations under heavy foot traffic and rolling loads. 

“Teles is a game-changing innovation in rubber flooring, that builds upon more than 70 years of experience in formulating rubber for aerospace and industrial applications,” said Bob Pitman, President of Burke Industries, a subsidiary of Mannington Commercial. “We’re delighted to be included in Interior Design’s Best of Year Awards, such a positive and uplifting event that celebrates excellent products launched in the past year.” 

Teles is available in 35” square tiles, 17.5” square tiles, 17.5”x35” plank, and 5.8”x35” plank. A color line inspired by earthscapse, as well as custom colors, help to push the envelope on how beautiful practical, high performance rubber flooring can be. 

A proprietary internal wax compound provides a self-waxing feature, reducing maintenance and protecting the product in heavy traffic environments.

Teles is a PVC-free product made in the USA of natural rubber, and includes 10% sustainable material. It is IAQ certified under FloorScore, approved as CHPS 01350 compliant and recognized in LEED IEQ Credit 4.3.

BioSpec Updated with Specialized Options for Healthcare

Biospec Choices-pressroom

Mannington Commercial, a leading in flooring for commercial interiors, has announced the extension of its highly successful BioSpec collection of products. BioSpec Choices is a portfolio of four resilient sheet products designed to provide meaningful choices that work for the needs of healthcare interiors. 

BioSpec®MD, a homogeneous sheet created for acute care environments, brought a range of new benefits to healthcare spaces, upon its initial release. The product’s through-chip construction resists cuts, gouges, and indentions from heavy rolling loads, while Mannington’s patented QuantumGuard®HP wear layer brings the high performance and low maintenance. BioSpec MD also introduced mCare® to the market, an antimicrobial agent in the wear layer that resists bacterial growth and secondary infections. All in a resilient sheet with a lovely, understated aesthetic that is available in 70 colors.

“The early response to BioSpec MD was incredible, and we’re excited to bring this extension of the product line to healthcare spaces across the country,” said Bud Katzmann, the company’s product manager for commercial sheet. 

The three new products bring specialized advantages that are engineered for varying needs of healthcare spaces. BioSpec®RE incorporates 35% recycled content, including 20% post-consumer content reclaimed through Mannington’s LOOP® recycling initiative. BioSpec®SR is the right choice for spaces that require slip-resistant flooring, with superior traction in a low-contrast visual. BioSpec®FB is a felt-back version for reducing costs in lighter traffic areas. 

The three new products share 16 core colors of BioSpec MD’s palette, enabling a color-coordinated approach to using any combination of the products throughout healthcare facilities. All four BioSpec products come in 2-meter width, enabling simpler installation with fewer seams. Additionally, the products can be welded to other Mannington products, for seamless transitions.