IIDA/HD Product Design Competition Awards CONNECTED LVT from Mannington Commercial

The 19th Annual IIDA/HD Product Design Competition has honored Mannington Commercial’s Connected Collection LVT with a 2015 Award of Excellence. The contest is sponsored by the International Interior Design Association and Hospitality Design magazine.

Products are judged for design innovation, technical advancements, cost and value, environmental responsibility, aesthetics, need, and usage within hospitality applications. Performance, comfort, safety, suitability for intended use, durability, accessibility, and client/user benefits are also evaluated by the judges.

The Connected Collection, designed in collaboration with global design firm Corgan, brings together a system of formats, gradation, texture, and color—all in a single collection of LVT that is designed to coordinate with the highly successful Connected Collection of modular carpet. Bringing sophisticated and unique visuals to LVT, along with an interplay of colors and integrated accents that let designers create a personalized design for each project.

“We are thrilled to see our collaboration with Mannington be recognized by IIDA,” said Lindsay Wilson, Principal at Corgan, who led design of the product. “Our vision was to create a graphically interesting and texturally dimensional product that leverages the usability of LVT. Equally important was creating a palette of colors that puts creative control in the designer’s hands.”

“LVT is such a fun category because of its versatility as a platform. The sky is the limit in terms of design capabilities,” said Al Boulogne, Mannington’s Senior Director of Commercial LVT. “The design inspiration for the collection came from a series of ‘What if’ questions from Corgan—what if we created a modular system of LVT, with various sizes and shapes? What if the patterns build off one another, so they could be used together creatively in a space? What if we found a meaningful way to incorporate bold colors into the line? These questions brought wonderful opportunities to rethink LVT, and execute it in a way that only Mannington could.”