Inspired by Vinyl Records, the Spin Collection Creates Sophisticated, Rhythmic Compositions in Modular Carpet

Today, Mannington Commercial announced the launch of the Spin Collection, four styles of modular carpet inspired by vinyl records and the process of record-making. The Spin Collection allows designers to create highly textural, rhythmic flooring compositions that are ideal for dynamic workplaces, hospitality
and retail spaces.
The design process for Spin began with a visit to Nashville’s United Records, the largest record producer in the U.S. The Mannington Commercial Design Studio explored the uniquely textured patterns by which sound is registered in vinyl and becomes a tangible object. The Spin Collection explores this vast aesthetic and texture of the grooves, scratches and curves that give music its form in vinyl.

The Spin Collection includes four styles that can be combined for sophisticated installations:
• Channel explores highly magnified record grooves, layered with a chatter-like pattern found in scratch records used by DJs.
• Disc takes a bird’s eye view of a record, tracing the arcs and contours that give music its visible expression in vinyl.
• RPM is an organic style inspired by marbled vinyl, where multiple colors of vinyl chips are blended to create a random pattern unique to each record.
• Equalizer is a small-scale textural coordinate that works well with all three of the larger patterns.

Channel, Disc and RPM are available in 12” x 48” tiles and the same 10 colorways, while Equalizer is available in 24” x 24” tiles and 10 complementary colorways. The palette includes complex blends of neutrals as well as neutrals with subtle accent colors, imparting subdued sophistication to the patterns.

The Spin Collection is constructed with Antron® Lumena DNA™ Type 6,6 Solution Dyed Nylon for the ultimate in lasting beauty and performance. This premium fiber delivers permanent, built-in protection against stains and soil, with a unique fiber shape that also provides up to two times better texture retention. As a result, the carpet stays beautiful and easy to clean for its entire lifecycle, helping reduce the total cost of ownership and helping the facility stay cleaner. Ensuring long-lasting performance under heavy traffic, styles Channel, Disc and RPM have a 4 TARR rating, and Equalizer has a 3.5 TARR rating. The Spin Collection carries a limited lifetime wear and backing warranty.

The Spin Collection is crafted to support customers’ sustainability goals and may contribute to multiple LEED credits. The Antron® Lumena DNA™ fiber is a third party-certified
Environmentally Preferable Product. Spin features Infinity® 2 Modular backing, which contains recycled content and is certified NSF/ANSI-140 Gold, with a Product-specific Type III EPD and a published HPD. Spin is CRI Green Label Plus Certified to support indoor air quality. The collection is made in Calhoun, Georgia, at Mannington Commercial’s ISO 14001 registered carpet manufacturing facility.