With the Self Assembly Collection, Designers Can Create Tapestries of Texture in Their Spaces

Today, Mannington Commercial announced the launch of Self Assembly, a modular carpet collection that will be on view at NeoCon 2019. The collection is inspired by the craft of knitting, in which small stitch patterns can be layered and wrapped around each other to build striking, large-scale designs. Self Assembly was created with design versatility in mind: designers can use one style to wholly fill a space or pair the styles with each other to create a rich tapestry of textures in their spaces.

The Self Assembly Collection elevates artisanal texture to stunning beauty in four unique styles of modular carpet.Aran merges vertical motifs with more organic areas of patterning.

Aran merges vertical motifs with more organic areas of patterning.

Continental features an all-over organic design with fluctuating areas of openness and density.

Gansey combines vertical and horizontal linear elements, layered with dappling.

Stockinette is a richly textured linear design with bands of patterning.

Each style is available in 9 neutral colorways to suit workplace environments. The styles are offered in a 12” x 48” modular format that allows for unique layouts.

With a 3.5 TARR for exceptional durability, Self Assembly is constructed with Antron Lumena DNA Type 6,6 Solution Dyed Nylon for the ultimate in lasting beauty and performance. This premium fiber delivers permanent, built-in protection against stains and soil, with a unique fiber shape that also provides up to two times better texture retention. As a result, the carpet stays beautiful and easy to clean for its entire lifecycle, helping reduce the total cost of ownership and helping the facility stay cleaner. Self Assembly has Mannington Commercial’s Infinity 2 Modular backing for superior performance. The collection carries a limited lifetime wear and backing warranty.

The Self Assembly Collection is crafted to support customers’ sustainability goals and may contribute to multiple LEED credits. Antron Lumena DNA fiber is a third party-certified Environmentally Preferable Product. Infinity 2 Modular backing contains recycled content and is certified NSF/ANSI-140 Gold, with a Product specific Type III EPD and a published HPD. Self Assembly is CRI Green Label Plus Certified to support indoor air quality. The collection is made in Calhoun, Georgia, at Mannington Commercial’s ISO 14001 registered carpet manufacturing facility.