Ready, Stick, Go: QuickStix Resilient Sheet Solves Downtime and Moisture Issues with a Streamlined Installation Process

Mannington Commercial introduced QuickStix Resilient Sheet today, a new installation solution available with all 6’ and 6’6” resilient sheet products. QuickStix Resilient Sheet features a pre-applied adhesive system that greatly streamlines installation and puts the space back into use immediately after installation, making it an excellent choice for healthcare, education, retail and other environments where downtime has significant cost implications.

QuickStix Resilient Sheet is high-performance flooring that comes ready to install with a low-VOC, poly-acrylic adhesive already applied to the back of the sheet. There is no need for adhesive pails, trowels or hours of labor. Installers simply prime the floor with Mannington Universal Primer, peel off the flooring’s release paper, position the flooring and then roll. The floor is ready for immediate foot traffic, as well as heavy rolling loads and heavy static loads.

QuickStix Resilient Sheet is also ideal for subfloors with up to 99% RH. The incredible moisture-resistance property of QuickStix eliminates the need for moisture mitigation or two-part adhesives. This ensures a streamlined, cost-effective installation for renovation projects and a saving of at least $4 per square foot versus traditional glue-down applications with moisture mitigation.

QuickStix Resilient Sheet offers a complete solution from top to bottom, with Quantum Guard Technology providing the highest performing wear layer in the industry. QuickStix Resilient Sheet uses a solvent-free, low-VOC adhesive system, and the products are FloorScore Certified to support indoor air quality. QuickStix Resilient Sheet products carry warranties on both the products and the adhesive.