Mannington Commercial Honored with Premier 2015 Supplier Legacy Award

Premier, Inc. (NASDAQ: PINC) has named Mannington Commercial as a winner in its 2015 Supplier Legacy Awards, for exceptional customer service and engagement, value creation through clinical excellence, and commitment to help reduce costs.

Winners were announced during an awards ceremony held at Premier’s annual Breakthroughs Conference and Exhibition in National Harbor, Maryland. Each summer, thousands of health system, academic institution and supplier representatives attend the conference to learn practical, replicable strategies to improve healthcare delivery.

“Health system and supplier recipients of Premier’s 2015 Breakthroughs Awards are industry leaders that are transforming healthcare,” said Susan DeVore, Premier president and CEO in a press release. “We congratulate them for their innovative contributions to improving healthcare quality and reducing cost, as well as their work to improve the health of communities nationwide.”

“Mannington works very hard to provide value and service to Premier members on their aggregate flooring spend,” said Kathy Griffel, Mannington Commercial’s Director of Healthcare Sales. “We understand the fiscal pressures of today’s healthcare market and strive to meet these challenges with innovate flooring solutions. It is an honor to be recognized with the 2015 Supplier Legacy Award.”

Premier, Inc. (NASDAQ: PINC) is a leading healthcare improvement company and other services, Premier enables better care and outcomes at a lower cost. Premier, a Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award recipient, plays a critical role in the rapidly evolving healthcare industry, collaborating with members to co-develop long-term innovations that reinvent and improve the way care is delivered to patients nationwide. Headquartered in Charlotte, N.C., Premier is passionate about transforming American healthcare.

A fourth-generation, family owned company, Mannington Commercial offers a wide range of flooring solutions from a single point of contact – so its customers need never compromise between styling, performance, sustainability and customer service. The range of choices that work in carpet and hard surface categories is unparalleled, and its sustainability platform is built upon innovative measures to close the recycling loop, reduce waste streams, reuse waste materials and continue its leadership position in energy efficiency.

Shimoda Design Group and Mannington Commercial Create Traction Avenue Collection

Mannington Commercial announced today the launch of the Traction Avenue Collection. Created in partnership with Joey Shimoda, FAIA, FIIDA, and the Shimoda Design Group, the collection is 12”x48” carpet plank in a remarkable color palette, especially well-suited for corporate, retail, higher education, and hospitality spaces.

The design team drew inspiration for the collection from streetscapes of industry and art, grit and glory—the beauty of the Arts District on the eastern side of downtown Los Angeles, where Shimoda Design Group’s offices are located. Mannington’s design team, under the leadership of Design Director Roby Isaac, interpreted Shimoda’s concepts into sophisticated modern textiles that use intersections of texture and pattern play, to bring elegance and visual interest without any compromise of performance.

The color palette is a highly inventive system of 16 colors that enable designers, in the same space, to move seamlessly from neutral gradations to colors paired with neutrals, to full chroma saturated colors. “We wanted to work with Joey and his team, not only because of their obvious talent but because of their ability to push us to look at space in creative new ways,” said Natalie Jones, Vice President of Brand Development and Creative Product. “The end result is a collection of modern graphics that are versatile enough to be used in bold combinations or in quiet understatement, depending on what is appropriate for the project space.”

Antron Lumena premium nylon 6,6 and Mannington Commercial construction unite to create a high performance, high durability, low maintenance carpet, engineered to retain the color and texture that set the collection apart. Infinity RE modular backing provides the optimum in dimensional stability and resistance to delamination. Infinity RE modular tile contains up to 30% recycled content with up to 18% post-consumer closed-loop material. NSF-332 certified

Anthology Collection LVT from Mannington Commercial Offers Unlimited Colors and Formats

Mannington Commercial has launched a game-changing innovation in LVT, that enables designers to personalize flooring for any project. With hundreds of upscale pattern and color combinations, designers can choose their pattern, color, and format to find the perfect LVT for retail, corporate, hospitality, healthcare, and education projects.

Building upon the design legacy of the Amtico Collection, Anthology is a “build your own” product story, with 5 patterns and 16 running line colors, as well as the ability to select from an expanded palette of 30 colors to create your own color combination. The innovation is made possible because Mannington is the only LVT manufacturer to utilize a unique, proprietary innovation that allows designers to select one of the patterns and apply it to nearly any color. Custom cutting is also available, using Amtico’s proven abilities in cutting to any shape, size, and scale.

“As abstract visuals and influence of textiles floods the LVT market, Mannington has created a new approach to personalizing your aesthetic with LVT,” said Roby Isaac, Mannington’s Director of Commercial Design. “Anthology is geared for designer, beginning with patterns inspired by weathered architecture, wood-grain-meets-ikat, simple classic linearity, and other patterns—in a mash-up of different styles.”

The company’s Amtico Collection offers the industry’s only 40 mil wearlayer for unrivaled performance and durability. Additionally, Mannington’s patented Quantum Guard®HP is the industry’s toughest wear layer—an aluminum oxide topcoat cured by an ultraviolet process, enhancing low-maintenance durability, cleanability, and slip-retardance. The collection comes with 4% rapidly renewable materials and preconsumer recycled content. Mannington’s LOOP initiative allows their LVT to be closed-loop recycled at the end of its useful life. Floor Score certified and manufactured in ISO-14001 certified facilities. Unlike most LVT, is made in the USA, reducing the product’s carbon footprint.

Mannington Commercial Debuts Design Locale Collection of Modular Carpet

In November of 2014, 6 interior designers from the East Coast, brought together in the Sonoran Desert for a 24 hour inspiration scramble and design immersion. The objective was a collection of modular carpet, drawing upon the stark beauty of the Southwest to create patterns that are beautifully suited for specification in corporate, retail, healthcare, higher education, and hospitality applications.

“The collection was inspired by experiencing, simultaneously, the natural beauty and built environments that bloom in the desert” said Roby Isaac, Director of Product Development. “Unexpected layering of texture and color create an intriguing interplay of patterns, all with the intent to capture what the experience meant for the designers—as well as create a cohesive design statement that emphasizes seamless textural changes.”

The intricate patterns use these gradations of texture and unexpected pops of color, in a 12”x48” modular plank that is designed for easy installation and to perform with high durability and low maintenance.

Antron Lumena premium nylon 6,6, Mannington construction, and Infinity RE modular backing unite to create a high performance, high durability, low maintenance carpet, engineered to retain the color and texture that set the collection apart. Infinity Modular backing, NSF/ANSI-140 Gold certified or on rEvolve®, Mannington’s thermoplastic polyolefin modular backing system, which contains 40% recycled content (10% post consumer). certified NSF/ANSI-140 Platinum.

Mannington Commercial Introduces Teles, the Flooring Industry’s First High Resiliency Rubber

Built upon the deep experience in its Burke Flooring rubber division, Mannington Commercial has created Teles, the industry’s first High Resiliency Rubber flooring. Teles has an indentation resistance of more than 1,500 PSI – double the industry standard—yet with all of the acoustic benefits, comfort underfoot, and PVC-free formulation that you expect from Mannington rubber.

“Smooth rubber is desirable where rolling loads are common, yet it’s prone to show indentations,” said Bob Pitman, President of Burke Industries, a subsidiary of Mannington Commercial. “Utilizing our experience in formulating aerospace and industrial seals, we were able to produce Teles with phenomenal indentation resistance, color retention, and gouge and slip-resistance.”

The collection’s aesthetic was inspired by natural earthscapes, creating a sophisticated, organic visual not traditionally found in rubber flooring. It’s unique formulation allows it to maintain its appearance, even in areas with heavy traffic and rolling loads. Custom colors are available, and can be customized through the use of color pairs or shifted to darker or lighter tones, for a more dramatic look.

Designed as a flexible family of products, Teles is available in 35” square, 17.5” square, and 17.5” x35” tiles, and 5.8”x35” planks. Modular formats add up to reduced waste and a broader scope of design options. Multiple size formats and colors create a system can be installed in combination or stand alone. Three internal waxes provide a self-waxing feature that reduce maintenance and protects the product in heavy traffic environments, so the product never requires stripping, waxing, or other costly maintenance. Teles contains 10% renewable, bio-based content and is a PVC-free product. It is IAQ certified under FloorScore, approved as CHPS 01350 compliant, and recognized in LEED IEQ Credit 4.3. Made in the USA.

DOMOTEX, Design Journal Award Mannington Commercial LVT and Modular Carpet for Innovation

Three new products from Mannington Commercial have been honored with innovation awards, at DOMOTEX and by Design Journal.

DOMOTEX is the leading international trade fair for floor coverings, held annually in Hannover, Germany. At the show, a jury of experts from the fields of design, architecture, interiors, media, and property management selected products that are outstanding examples of relevance to today’s market, technology innovation, design concept, and quality.

The jury recognized Mannington for Intersected, a category-extending LVT collection, as well as Design Local modular carpet. A product collaboration with global design leaders Corgan Associates, Intersected reengineers LVT as Graphic Floor Tile, a forward-thinking design element crafted specifically for the corporate and retail markets. Uniting the thinking of modular carpet, the distinctive benefits of LVT, and sophisticated visuals – Intersected creates a new, beautiful, toolkit of parts. Design Local is a collaboration with 18 designers in 3 cities, resulting in a remarkable collection of richly textured carpet patterns, full of the interplay of geometric and organic, emphasizing seamless changes in pattern and texture.

Design Journal’s ADEX Awards for Design Excellence is celebrated throughout the industry, as an award competition for manufacturers of interior furnishings industry. Mannington’s <a href=”″ target=”_blank”>A La Mode</a> modular carpet won a Platinum ADEX award for bringing fresh, transitional styling to design-driven spaces. The organic design looks to abstract inspiration, offering a layered aesthetic that brings both warmth and a clean, contemporary look. 16 colors range from neutrals to soothing spa tones.

Mannington Commercial Introduces Redefined Collection: Fashion Classics for the Floor

Mannington Commercial announced today that the Redefined Collection, two products inspired by houndstooth and chevron patterns, are available for specification. Created in collaboration with international architecture and design firm Corgan, Check and Herry are fashion classics reimagined as 18”x36” modular carpet.

The design impulse behind the collection was not only to refresh timeless patterns for today’s projects, but to do so in a way that is both timeless and timely. The patterns can be used in today’s projects, to emphasize the energy of a marketing area or the sophisticated quiet of a boardroom, with beautiful transitional and way finding cues between. Redefined’s textural patterns appear and disappear, fading in and out of focus, enabling a custom look without requiring intricate, costly installation methods. In fact, the patterns are designed to effortlessly create an elegant random effect when installed in a simple, linear monolithic fashion that requires no complex planning.

The sophisticated palette of 15 running line colors, with or without accents, helps ensure that these classics will remain relevant in project installations, for years to come. Redefined is perfect not only for new corporate construction and renovation, but also for retail, higher education, hospitality and healthcare.

Constructed of Antron®Lumena™ 6,6 nylon for long-term performance, and available on Infinity®Modular high performance backing with pre-consumer recycled content, engineered for strong performance, with excellent tuft bind and dimensional stability. Certified NSF/ANSI-140 Gold. With XGUARD® stain resistant and ColorSafe® bleach resistant technologies, and a limited lifetime wear and backing warranties.

Introducing the Basic Tee Collection

Mannington Commercial, a leader in commercial floor covering, today announced the launch of the Basic Tee collection, a collaboration with designer Mary Bledsoe.

“Basic Tee is part of a family of collections called STYLIST, inspired by wardrobing in the fashion world,” said Natalie Jones, Mannington’s Vice President—Commercial Brand and Creative Product. “Basic Tee, our first STYLIST introduction, is a classic foundational piece that comes in warm and cool neutrals, with unexpected accent colors.”

STYLIST was created to include products that range from simple to high impact patterns, so designers can mix and match to suit their project. Basic Tee is a subtle exploration of texture that brings luxury in both broadloom and modular.

Engineered with Mannington’s reputation for durability and performance, Basic Tee is constructed of Antron Lumena 6,6 premium nylon to create a low maintenance, high durability carpet. Lifetime warranty for edge ravel and delamination, staining, and wear. Colorsafe lifetime bleach warranty and Xguard lifetime stain warranties also apply.

As modular carpet, STYLIST is available on Infinity® Modular which contains pre-consumer recycled content and certified NSF/ANSI-140 GOLD. As broadloom, it comes on UltraBac®RE, which include 10% post-consumer recycled content by total product weight reclaimed through Mannington’s LOOP program, certified NSF/ANSI-140 Platinum.  Also,  Integra® HP high performance integrated broadloom backing system with pre-consumer recycled content, certified NSF/ANSI-140 Gold. Made in the USA, at an ISO 14001 certified facilities. EPDs are available.

Teles, High Resiliency Rubber from Mannington Commercial, wins Nightingale Silver

Mannington Commercial, a leader in flooring for commercial interiors, has been awarded a Nightingale Award for Teles, its new high resiliency rubber plank and tile. Sponsored by The Center for Health Design, Contract, and Healthcare Design 2014, the awards showcase the best in product design that contributes to the quality of healthcare.

In healthcare applications, high gloss, smooth rubber tile is desirable—but it is prone to show indentations with heavy rolling and static loads. With Teles, Mannington has created a new category of High Resiliency Rubber, with unprecedented indentation resistance, color retention, and slip-resistance. Teles passes indentation tests with three times the required PSI resistance, and brings new levels of rubber’s comfort underfoot and acoustic properties to employees and patients.

Teles is designed as a flexible family of products, with formats including 35″ square tiles, 17.5″ square tiles, 17.5″ x35″ tile, and 5.8″x35” planks. The modular formats can be installed together as a system or as stand alone products. With a color line inspired by natural earthscapes, the product’s sophisticated visual elevates the traditional rubber aesthetic. Custom colors are available, and can be further customized through the use of color pairs; colors can be shifted to darker or lighter tones, for a more dramatic look.

Three internal waxes provide a self-waxing feature, reducing maintenance and protecting the product in heavy traffic environments. Made in the USA of natural rubber, Teles is a PVC-free product with 10% sustainable material, IAQ certified under FloorScore, approved as CHPS 01350 compliant and recognized in LEED IEQ Credit 4.3.

Mannington Commercial Launches tx:style Perspectives Collection

Mannington Commercial Launches tx:style Perspectives Collection

Calhoun, GA – Mannington Commercial announces the launch of the tx:style Perspectives Collection. Designed in collaboration with Paul Lewandowski of SMRT and designer Katie Henry, the broadloom and 24”x24” modular carpet collection interprets abstract organic shapes in structured layers of pattern.

Lewandowski’s pattern, Coastal Rocks, was inspired by the striated basaltic rock, flora, fauna, and colors found along the Maine coastline. “I work with clients in the education, healthcare and corporate markets, and it’s quite clear that organic patterns are a great fit,” he said. “I am also a big fan of stripes, but striped flooring is often too graphic for many applications. Coastal Rocks is an organic stripe, drawing from how  rocky outcrops and tide pools form patterns, and how the living organisms that grow on them create additional layers.”

Stacked Up, the pattern designed by Katie Henry, is a beautifully complement to Coastal Rocks. Starting with the natural and handmade shapes formed by stacked stones, Henry translated the forms into abstracted layers.

The colors for the collection are a combination of neutral and pop colors that work together – and were selected with particular emphasis on their use of natural inspirations to create surprisingly complex combinations.

Antron Lumena fiber and Mannington construction unite to create a low maintenance, high durability carpet, engineered to retain the color and texture that give the collection such appeal. Mannington’s Colorsafe bleach warranty, Xguard stain warranty and other lifetime warranties apply.

As modular carpet, the collection is available on Infinity®Modular backing, 30% minimum recycled content; as broadloom it is available on UltraBac®RE, 10% post-consumer recycled content reclaimed through Mannington’s LOOP program. NSF/ANSI-140 Platinum certified. Made in the USA, in ISO 14001 certified facilities.