Mannington Commercial Extends Service Leadership with Xpress Quickship

Mannington Commercial, a leader in flooring for commercial interiors, announces a significant expansion of its Xpress Quickship program, as part of the company’s ongoing commitment to leading the industry in service.

Already, the program provides the most comprehensive product offering in the industry – including carpet, LVT, VCT, and wall base – all available within 5 business days, guaranteed. The expanded program includes more products than ever before. More than 300 carpet products are available, for orders up to 1,000 square yards (and up to 2,500 yards on select choices); and 100 Amtico and Spacia LVT patterns and colors are available up to 10,000 square feet.

“At Mannington, we know the value of delivering flooring to a job site, quickly and reliably. So we have built the infrastructure and logistics to quick-ship hard and soft surface products within 5 business days,” said Jack Ganley, Mannington Commercial President. “And because we know that it’s critical to have the right product for each project, we offer a wide range of stunning, sophisticated aesthetics and colors, at a variety of price points.”

For more information, visit or contact a Mannington representative at 800.241.2262.

Mary Bledsoe and Mannington Commercial Introduce STYLIST Collection

Mannington Commercial, a leader in commercial floor covering, today announced the launch of the STYLIST collection, a collaboration with Mary Bledsoe of lauckgroup. Inspired by wardrobing in the fashion world, STYLIST is a series of strikingly beautiful patterns and colors, built to let designers create their own stories.

“I think every designer is a stylist at heart,” says Bledsoe. “So we created STYLIST to include products with a large degree of subtlety, and others with a high degree of pattern, as a series of pieces that designers can mix and match to suit their project.”

Available in both modular and broadloom, STYLIST’s products create interest through patterns that move from classic foundational pieces to mid-scale aesthetics to luxurious and bold designs. The family of products use timeless, warm and cool color combinations in neutrals as well as bright fashion hues to complement any space.

The range of textures and patterns can be used to define the different functional areas of a space while keeping a seamless, cohesive aesthetic. The combination of layered foundational and bold patterns and colors, coupled with Mannington’s reputation for durability and performance, makes the new collection especially well-suited for corporate environments.

Antron 6,6 premium nylon fiber and Mannington construction unite to create a low maintenance, high durability carpet. Lifetime warranty for edge ravel and delamination, staining, and wear. Colorsafe lifetime bleach warranty and Xguard lifetime stain warranties also apply.

As modular, STYLIST is available on rEvolve thermoplastic polyolefin backing, with 0 vinyl, 40% minimum recycled content, 10% post-consumer (NSF/ANSI Certified Platinum) – or on Infinity RE Modular: 30% minimum recycled content. EPDs are available for both backings. As broadloom, it comes on UltraBac®RE or Integra HP®RE backing, each of which include 10% post-consumer recycled content reclaimed through Mannington’s LOOP program. NSF/ANSI-140 Platinum certified. Made in the USA, in ISO 14001 certified facilities.

Enlighten from Mannington Commercial: PVC-free Homogeneous Resilient Sheet

Mannington Commercial, a leader in commercial floor covering, will showcase Enlighten sheet flooring at NeoCon 2014. Enlighten is a groundbreaking development in resilient sheet flooring – bringing the high performance expected of Mannington sheet, in a PVC-free formulation.

Building on a 50 year legacy of custom rubber compounding, its polyolefin/rubber composite formulation offers a strong aesthetic in an ideal gloss level, with a sophisticated micro-sized chip look that coordinates across multiple product platforms in the Mannington line. Designed with healthcare projects in mind, transforms a non-vinyl chemistry into a true design element for projects where PVC-free flooring is required.

Enlighten is engineered for easy installation (20-45% lighter than competitive rubber sheet), comfort underfoot, acoustic benefits, and low maintenance requirements. Through-chip construction resists cuts and gouges and is an ideal solution for aseptic environments. Resistant to wear, soiling and discoloration, and delivers high roller mobility.

It also features Quantum Guard HP, the highest performance commercial finish in the industry. The patented aluminum oxide wearlayer eliminates the need for polish, while enhancing durability, cleanability, appearance retention, and slip retardance.

In addition to having 0 vinyl, Enlighten is made with 5% post consumer recycled content and 4% rapidly renewable content. NSF/ANSI-332 Gold certification. FloorScore certified for IAQ. Made in ISO-14001 facilities with one of the flooring industry’s largest solar arrays. Mannington is the only manufacturer to make homogeneous sheet in the USA.

Mannington Commercial Introduces Against the Grain

At NeoCon 2014, Mannington Commercial invites designers to step into a new direction in 18″x36″ carpet plank, that opens new possibilities for modular installations. Inspired by the bold grains of rough hewn and reclaimed woods, Against the Grain unites four distinctly cut aesthetics that are visually stunning and texturally rich, yet able to play a supporting role in an interior space.

Exploring interpretations of the warm textures and weighty grains of reclaimed wood, the designers used carpet’s unique capabilities to create upscale aesthetics. The collection’s overall tonality ties varied textures and patterns together, creating a differentiated design on the floor. A new palette of long tonal space-dyed nylon creates richness and sophistication in the 15 colors.

Spaces in today’s market are designed with few dividing lines in mind – work, collaboration, and socializing areas are more blurred than ever. Against the Grain leverages this trend through a smart use of texture and pattern, allowing the floor to provide subtle visual cues to the functionality of the space.

The four pattern components can be used individually or in any combination creating a running line program unique to each space. Designed for incredible simplicity of planning and installation, the patterns are truly mix-and-match, creating a random effect that is programmed into the 18”x36” tile format of each product.

Available on rEvolve thermoplastic polyolefin backing, with 0 vinyl, 40% minimum recycled content, 10% post-consumer (NSF/ANSI Certified Platinum). Also available on Infinity RE Modular: 30% minimum recycled content. EPDs are available for both backings.

High performance Ultron 6,6 nylon and Mannington construction unite to create a high performance, high durability, low maintenance carpet, engineered to retain the color and texture that set the collection apart. Colorsafe bleach warranty, Xguard stain warranty, and lifetime backing warranties apply.

The Intersected Collection Reengineers LVT into Graphic Floor Tile

Mannington Commercial, a leader in in commercial floor covering, announced today the launch of Intersected. Working with global design leaders Corgan Associates, Mannington has reengineered LVT as Graphic Floor Tile, a forward-thinking design element crafted specifically for the corporate and retail markets. Uniting the thinking of modular carpet, the distinctive benefits of LVT, and sophisticated visuals – Intersected creates a new, beautiful, toolkit of parts.

LVT is the fastest-growing flooring category in the market today, yet has not been widely used in the corporate market, until now. Intersected brings all of the performance, durability, and low-maintenance benefits of LVT, but with real visual interest for spaces and limitless pattern combinations.

In fact, Intersected is so different from other LVT that Mannington is calling it “Graphic Floor Tile.” Intersected’s high-end, corporate designer-friendly approach to LVT, characterized by a sophisticated, unique texture and interplay of color. Integrated accents give designers the ability to customize with pops of color or subtle tones to create a look that perfectly captures the interconnected nature of today’s workplace.

The collection provides a high performance floor for high traffic commercial applications with a patented wearlayer that eliminates the need for polish and enhances long-term appearance retention reducing the overall total cost of ownership. It has the highest performing wearlayer in the industry, an aluminum oxide topcoat cured by an ultraviolet process that eliminates the need for polish, while enhancing durability, cleanability, appearance retention, and slip retardance.

Intersected has 4% rapidly renewable content. Minimum of 30% and up to 55% recycled content. Mannington has also announced that it is leading the closed loop recycling of post-consumer LVT. An EPD for LVT is available, and the collection is FloorScore certified for IAQ.

Mannington Commercial Creates Design Local, A Collaborative Collection with 18 Designers in Seattle, Nashville, Philadelphia

Mannington Commercial, a leader in flooring for commercial interiors, has joined with teams of architects and interior designers in Seattle, Nashville, and Philadelphia to create a 2014 collection of coordinating carpets, inspired by each city.

Last year, the company created a platform to support local design, inspired by the communities where people live and work every day. Team in four cities created collections in a competition, with a winner selected by tens of thousands of votes cast in open online voting. This year, Mannington pivoted the program so that the output would reflect all of the cities, rather than only one.

“We were so delighted with the four designs generated by our teams last year,” said Natalie Jones, Vice President of Brand Development and Creative Product. “Competitions are great and, as we have seen in years past, can produce amazing creativity in a compressed time frame! But our product portfolio reflects a legacy of collaborating with A+D – so we decided, for this round of to create a single collection of coordinating patterns.”

Effectively, Mannington is working with eighteen interior designers in three cities to create the collection. The designers, often from competing firms, came together in each city for a 24 hour design immersion, beginning with an “inspiration scramble” through the city and then working as a team to create themes and concepts for a modular carpet product. The collection will be unveiled at NeoCon 2014.

“Each designer went out into the city with a camera and a sketchbook, then came back with pattern and color concepts,” said Jones. “We then shared in the product development process together, both during the 24 hour ideation phase and in the weeks that followed. The transparency that this facilitates with our customers is incredible – opening dialogue at every step along the lifecycle of a product, from inspiration, to discussion of use, sustainability, and end-of-life reclamation and recycling.”

Inspired by weathering architecture and the juxtaposition of historic buildings with the randomness of nature, the collection features an intriguing interplay of geometric and organic patterns in the carpet tiles. The richly textured patterns are perfect not only for new corporate construction and renovation, but also for retail, higher education, hospitality and healthcare.

Available on rEvolve thermoplastic polyolefin backing, with 0 vinyl, 40% minimum recycled content, 10% post-consumer (NSF/ANSI Certified Platinum). Also available on Infinity RE Modular: 30% minimum recycled content. EPDs are available for both backings.

6,6 nylon and Mannington construction unite to create a high performance, high durability, low maintenance carpet, engineered to retain the color and texture that set the collection apart. Colorsafe bleach warranty, Xguard stain warranty, and lifetime backing warranties apply.

Mannington Honored with Awards for Design Leadership

Mannington Commercial, a leaders in flooring for commercial interiors, has been honored by Design Journal with 8 ADEX awards, for the company’s continued demonstration of design leadership.

The ADEX Awards for Design Excellence include 5 Platinum awards, 1 Gold, and 2 Silver, across a range of product categories – from carpet to LVT, rubber to resilient sheet, custom programs to environmentally friendly backing. Now in its 20th year, ADEX is a celebrated award competition for manufacturers in the interior furnishings industry. This year, more than 2,800 products were submitted from over 500 different companies.

Winning Platinum for Mannington were:
Bouclé – a classic texture reinterpreted in broadloom and modular carpet, in a beautiful, modern range of colors
Redefined – Fashion patterns inspired by houndstooth, tweed, hexagons and more, a texturally rich 18″x36″ carpet tile
rEvolve® – a PVC-free, vinyl alternative, high performance modular carpet backing system constructed of thermoplastic polyolefin
Realities – heterogeneous sheet flooring inspired by wood looks, yet engineered for healthcare, education, retail, and government installations
Custom Cutting – the Amtico Collection from Mannington makes it possible to install any design imaginable, drawing from the broadest portfolio of aesthetics in the industry.

The Gold winner was Colorfields – Thermoset rubber that brings spa-like attention to detail with exceptional color, durability, and comfort underfoot.

The Silver winners were:
Connected – sophisticated modular carpet that uses changes in texture and color to cue functionality and attitude in open, adaptive floor plans.<br>
Design Woods – inspired by natural woods rather than trying to replicate them, Design Woods brings bold, weighty grains and upscale aesthetics to LVT.

“Design Journal and the ADEX Awards are known throughout the industry for shining the spotlight on beautiful and innovative products,” said Natalie Jones, VP – Commercial Brand Development and Creative Product. “We are delighted to be included in their list of top products from 2013, because ADEX is a reflection of what designers are looking for, of what they want to use in their projects.”

Mannington Commercial LVT Service Sets New Industry Standards

Mannington Commercial, a leader in flooring for commercial interiors, announces the most expansive LVT service program in the industry. The platform is responsive, tailored to the needs of customers, and backed with a guarantee – positioning the company to set new standards in delivering what customers need, when they need it.

“In recent years, we have seen designers and end users expect a contraction of time between when a product is specified and when it is installed,” said Mannington Commercial President Jack Ganley, “So we have taken practical measures to meet and exceed these expectations, expanding our customer service department, refreshing our quick ship programs, and on-shoring manufacturing of products back to American soil. This LVT Quick Ship program further enhances our ability to deliver, and our reputation for service.”

Mannington’s LVT Quick Ship has a range of 100 Amtico and Spacia products, all of which are available to ship within 5 business days. The company is so confident in their ability to deliver, that they offer a guarantee: if Mannington misses a shipment, they will discount that order by 10%.

As a fourth generation, family-owned company, Mannington is persuaded of the importance of manufacturing jobs for America’s economy and our future. Jobs build communities; when they disappear, so does our ability to stand strong and grow. So they are onshoring the manufacturing of their LVT from Asia, where most LVT is produced. In the past year, Mannington has already seen a 30% increase in jobs at its Georgia plants, and by 2015, expect to double their LVT manufacturing workforce.

The benefit of domestic manufacturing goes beyond jobs, however, also enabling the company to leverage LVT into new custom-cutting capabilities and deliver on the shorter lead times. Manufacturing here at home also means that Mannington can perform quality checks at every step of the manufacturing process, from raw material to finishing and shipping. These checks guarantee excellence with every delivery you receive, reduce the possibility of product failure, and help extend the legacy of quality and long-term performance specifiers have come to expect from Mannington.

“Our goal is not only to be easy to work with, but to anticipate and meet the demands that today’s customers have for immediate, quality delivery,” added David Sheehan, VP–Commercial Hard Surface.

Mannington is simultaneously leading the development of closed-loop reclamation and recycling of LVT. Earlier this year, the company successfully incorporated reclaimed, postconsumer LVT into new flooring, and are positioned to divert post-consumer LVT from landfills as it is taken up during renovation projects. For more information on Mannington’s LOOP reclamation program, which takes back carpet, resilient sheet, VCT, waste streams from other industries including drywall and automobile glass – and now LVT – call 800.241.2262.

Mannington Commercial Pioneers Domestic Production of Click LVT

Mannington Commercial, a leader in flooring for commercial interiors, has become the first and only manufacturer to produce click installation system commercial LVT in the United States. By manufacturing the LockSolid lines of LVT entirely in its Georgia facilities, Mannington is able to deliver higher quality standards, better customer service, and shorter lead times.

The patented floating floor system provides easy and reliable installation over subfloor, existing surfaces, and areas where moisture is a challenge or asbestos removal is a problem. Installation of the tile and plank products saves time and money, with 20-50% in cost reduction as a result of reduced floor prep time, faster installs, no time required for adhesive to cure, and less workplace downtime. Once installed, LockSolid floors ensure superior strength, no seam separation, and durability under heavy rolling loads.

The glueless installation system not only cuts costs, it also reduces environmental impact, including improvement of air quality through the elimination of VOCs from adhesives.

Since beginning on-shoring production of Mannington and Amtico LVT products in 2013, Mannington has already seen a 30% increase in jobs in its plants in Madison and Conyers, Georgia, with more than 200 additional jobs to be added by the end of 2014. Not only is domestic production of the product category good for the communities where Mannington’s facilities are located, it’s also better for customers. Domestic manufacturing enables the company to deliver LVT with drastically shorter lead times – seven business days as compared to an industry standard of fourteen weeks – and higher levels of customer service.

“Our LockSolid LVT is the highest performing click system in the industry,” said David Sheehan, Vice President – Commercial Hard Surface. “By manufacturing products here, rather than in Asia, we are able to control every aspect of the customer experience, from production to customer service.”

Mannington began production of LockSolid LVT with its popular Nature’s Path line, and is expanding the technology to other product lines in its portfolio.

Mannington launches Touchstone, a New Look at Premium VCT

Mannington Commercial, a leader in flooring for commercial interiors, announced today the launch of a new VCT portfolio of products, featuring Touchstone. An integrated system of VCT choices that work for education, healthcare, retail, and Main Street – Touchstone,  brings a premium visual to a value product.

“There is no doubt that VCT’s appeal is in its durability, low cost, color and design flexibility that make it a best value flooring options,” said Reese Moore, Mannington’s Director of Commercial Business–VCT. “However, over the course of 2013, our product designers stepped back and looked at it with fresh eyes. The result is a new portfolio of VCT, with three distinct visuals and one amazing color palette.”

Touchstone is a monolithic, more modern aesthetic constructed with finer particles making up the surface visual, and a streamlined palette of the right color choices for today’s projects. Progressions offers a sophisticated, nondirectional pattern, and Essentials brings a traditional VCT visual.

The updated palette of 40 colors ranging from the sophisticated classics expected of VCT, to a smart set of fresh pop and accents colors. A mix of warms and cools is offered in step-down values, so that the right coordinating option is always available. All three of the products coordinate to Mannington’s nine integrated product categories, from cove base to resilient sheet to carpet.

Smart product design and investment in reclamation technologies enabled Mannington to launch the industry’s leading VCT into VCT recycling program, five years ago. Touchstone and Progressions contain post-consumer recycled content. Touchstone is also NSF/ANSI-332 certified as an environmentally preferable product, to the Gold level. Along with the Progressions and Essentials lines, it is also FloorScore certified.

Mannington has a long reputation for exceptional levels of service and quality, as well as for supporting the local communities and economies where it manufactures. The Salem, New Jersey facilities where VCT is products are ISO-14001 certified, use energy generated on-site by the flooring industry’s largest solar array, and provide critical jobs to the surrounding community.